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Aug 12, 2014 | League Staff | 5518 views
SCTA Schedules Information
This week we began the process for loading the initial 2014-2015 season schedules.  Please be patient as we complete the process of preparing and loading the initial schedules for all age groups.  The final version of the schedules probably won't be completed for another few weeks.

Read on if you'd like an overview of the general process for scheduling this league.

The SCTA begins with an initial draft schedule based on the regular home nights submitted by each centre for each of their teams.  This initial schedule is designed to balance each team's schedule as much as possible, and to fairly distribute games that need to be re-scheduled amongst each centre.

Coming up with this initial schedule for every age group can take some time - and it does not happen all at once.  In addition, this process cannot begin until each centre has provided a regular home game slot for their teams - and sometimes there are delays in providing that information which cannot be avoided.

This initial schedule does not take into account a team's "black-out" dates for things like tournaments.  So once the schedule is loaded (which can take a few days), then each centre's scheduler will being cancelling games due to legitimate black-out reasons.

Traditionally, roughly 25%-35% of the initial league schedule will need to be re-negotiated between the schedulers for each centre.

So please, if you see your team's schedule online on this site or TheOneDB or your own association's website in the next few weeks, please understand that this is probably not the final version.  This is an big process that takes time to get sorted out.  The schedulers for each centre in the SCTA are amongst the best in the province - please give them the time and space to work their magic.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!